Justine Foord is a talented emerging British Artist who comes from Kent, England. Art and the art of making art stimulated her mind as far back as she can recall. Neither toys nor dolls retained her imagination. Justine needed to explore colors, textures, and the basic foundations of sculpting either with her hand or her eyes by any means. It was that inquisitiveness that inspired her to independently put herself through all her formal university studies.

She graduated from the University of Westminster School of Visual and Performing Arts, London, in photography and fine arts. She fearlessly introduced herself to London’s luminous fashion world, which supported her starving artist syndrome at that time while opening up her eyes to endless artistic challenges. It was a love affair from day one; she had an immediate artistic proclivity for color, style and fashion. Justine’s eyes were soon recognized and sought after for her keen sensitivity to infinitesimal variations of transmutation of color. She humbly worked with legendary fashion artists and photographers such as: Miguel Reveriego, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Sølve Sundsbø, Bryan Adams, Corinne Day and Mario Testino.

Justine’s skills as an artist are multidisciplinary; and are inspired by endless colors, forms, light spectrum and energies that one sees in nature and human nature. She is also intrigued by how sensual and beautiful both nature and human nature can be and how brutally raw, uncertain and even cruel it can be at the same time. Thus, she is unapologetic in her multidisciplinary and visual palette. She uses photography, digital arts, mix-media and acrylic paint. She has an obsession exploring the boundless boundaries of visible light mediums to execute her work.

She enjoys working with photography and is formally trained using Hasselblads, Mamiyas , 5×4 large format , SLR’s , and currently Apples’ I-phone and Ipad to create a collection of expression that works towards her inspiration of old masters such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Sebastiao Salgado who inspire her to continuously move her eyes in order to re-examine the boundaries of the digital age. Her visions and talents continue to explore the steps of printing RGB light to CMYK print and understanding light in order to explore the wheel of color and taking photography into the photographic print.

CANDELA, is her first international traveling exhibition. First revealing itself to the fine art world in Madrid, Spain at espacioBRUT gallery. CANDELA is a provocative love story narrated by Mother Nature and continues the journey onwards to Fototeca in Havana, Cuba and then to NYC, London and LA. Currently Justine is working on a new exhibition, ‘The Resurrection of Supermodel Ripped’ #phoenixEdition’ drawing from her memoirs in the fashion world and exploring the incarnate nature inside our spirit. She has many positive reviews while being followed by esteemed curators around the globe.